Mark Russo and Casey Powell of Foundry Michelangelo Purchase Priceless Master Mold Collection

Priceless Master Mold Collection

Mark Russo and Casey Powell of Foundry Michelangelo Purchase Priceless Master Mold Collection

Battle Ground, Washington, February 7, 2019 -Mark Russo, Chairman and Founder of Foundry Michelangelo, and Casey Powell, CEO, proudly announce a confidential asset purchase Priceless Master Mold Collectionby parent company, Treasure Investment Corporation. This includes over 1,000 master sculpture molds, in a superb collection of works, one that was assembled during the past 40 years. Over 200 world-famous master artists are represented, including Frederic Remington, C. M. Russel, Edgar Degas, and Auguste Rodin.

The acquisition of this collection now allows FM to cast these extraordinary images from these molds in bronze, silver, resin and other mediums.  Adding to FM’s already phenomenal master mold collection, the company can now cast nearly 2,000 different pieces. “The time and effort that went into creating over 1,000 molds are truly amazing.  The cost alone just to replace these, even if possible, would exceed ten million dollars and that’s just the cost for the molds. The rights to reproduce these images would cost many times that.” says Russo

This additional collection represents artists’ works from all over the world and in sizes ranging from tabletop objects, a few inches tall, to heroic, monumental size pieces standing over 12’ in height.  “Having this massive and broad base of images and subject matter will allow FM to not just focus on high-end sales but small images as well, and at lower price points. This will allow us the opportunity to place our pieces in high-end galleries and literally thousands of locations and points of distribution.” Says Casey Powell, CEO.

Orders for pieces from the new mold collection are already arriving. The delivery of 21 Fredric Remington works in original sizes have already been delivered to the company’s Battle Ground, Washington headquarters and are being prepared for shipment.   “We have never been more excited than we are now.  Adding this collection of master molds to our asset base was an incredible move and could not have come at a better time.”, says Mark Russo, Founder, of Foundry Michelangelo.


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