Stage Coach Gold

Stage Coach Gold

Stage Coach Gold – An Important and Poignant Part of American History

The sturdy, practical Concord Wells Fargo stagecoaches provided speedy service across a vast territory during the nineteenth century. The (Butterfield) Overland route stretched to the Pacific starting in 1858.


From 1866-69, Wells Fargo operated the major overland stagecoach routes west of the Missouri River, covering 2,500 miles of territory from California to Nebraska, Arizona to Idaho.

Skilled drivers guided coaches pulled by teams of four or six horses, at an average speed of five miles per hour. There were stops every twelve miles to change horses, and about every forty-five miles to allow driver and passengers to eat a quick meal.


This American handmade bronze sculpture by Laran Ghiglieri is cast in the traditional “Lost Wax Casting” process and originally created with over 3000 individual pieces, making this one of the most detailed sculptures of its kind in the world today.

The highest quality of bronze and the most precise forging techniques were used to create this masterpiece, ensuring this sculpture will remain a relevant and cherished treasure for generations to come.


Breathtaking in detail, this incredible sculpture’s micro-finishing is simply awe inspiring and historically accurate.

‘Stage Coach Gold’ is reproduced in pure bronze, cast in dark patina finishes with hand-applied highlights that create natural variations in texture and color and then hand rubbed to bring out the awesome detail, making a unique and lasting sculpture that is an original work of art.


This ensures that no two masterpieces are alike. The statue is then mounted on a beautiful solid maple base with an etched brass plate bearing the name of the bronze, the edition number and the artist’s name and signature.

Stage Coach Gold by Laran Ghiglieri – Dimensions: 27”H x 15” W x 72”L. Weight approx: 350 lbs

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