Management Team

Mark Russo, Founder & Chairman

Mark Russo has been heavily involved in the fine art market for the past 25 years dealing with Fortune 500 CEOs, physicians, celebrities, museums, and thousands of successful and influential collectors. Mr. Russo is an expert in sales communication, business management, and high-quality art. Working high-end trade shows, investment conferences and art exhibitions, Mr. Russo has generated over $100 million in sales of fine art during his career.

Mr. Russo both directs and coordinates the sales effort of TIC and is responsible for sales strategy, recruitment, training, budgeting, and promotions.

Mr. Russo is responsible for the development of the highly successful and innovative sales model that has resulted in the unprecedented growth of the ‘Charitable Division’ at TIC.

Jason Dilling, President of Sales

Mr. Dilling is a life-long sales professional who prides himself on honesty, integrity, and service to his team. He currently serves on two charity,  non-profit boards and embraces his veteran status by volunteering with several veteran related charities. With a vast history in sales across  multiple types of business, Jason’s experience positions him for a seamless transition into the Fine Art industry,

Jason brings to the company a drive and next level commitment to success earning him a reputation for pushing goals and breaking sales  performance records. His expertise is focused on revenue growth in all the company’s profit centers.

Angie Zook

Angie Zook, Charity Services Ambassador

Ms. Zook is a dynamic figure in the American philanthropy market. Since joining forces with the Ghiglieri family more than ten years ago, Angie has used her polished sales approach to yield amazing results in the charity auction market, catapulting her to a preeminent position.

Ms. Zook will lead Treasure Investments Corporation’s Charity Auction Division.

She has supervised the success of thousands of auctions and has raised millions of dollars for charities of all varieties across the nation. Thanks to her gift for cultivating relationships with leading charity directors, donors and art collectors, Ms. Zook will develop a widening circle of devoted and grateful clients for Treasure Investments Corporation.

Joe Welding

Joe Welding, Production Manager

Mr. Joe Welding is a distinguished Marine veteran who has worked closely with master artists in the Fine Art industry, specifically the Ghiglieri family, for nearly two decades.

Joe is an expert in customer service, logistical planning, and handling of Fine Art. He works directly with the foundries ensuring the highest standards in our quality control and leads in the support of a high team morale.

Joe oversees all trade show exhibitions as well as shipping and receiving. As part of the founding team, he has been instrumental in the growth and success of the company.

Danny Duran, Assistant Shipping Manager

Mr. Duran has been involved in Logistics, Production, and Quality Controls in the Fine Art industry for more than 15 years.
Starting his Fine Art career with the Ghiglieri Family, Danny has since worked with numerous artists and teams gaining invaluable experience and product knowledge.
Danny is a valuable asset for the Foundry Michelangelo team as he is instrumental in the support of logistical management.
Mr. Duran contributes to the impeccable shipping, product, and overall logistical standards of the company.

Ricky Reed

Ricky Reed, Operations & Development Manager

Ricky Reed has developed his expertise in Management with over a decade of experience in Hospitality Management, obtaining his first General Manager position at the age of 17. Ricky has a great ability to lead, always striving for excellence in operations.

The commitment, integrity, and overall standard for greatness that Ricky brings to TIC will help continue the company’s evolution of fine art along with its other expanding divisions. As an optimization expert, he will elevate the company into a worldwide distributor of fine art while helping the team to maintain a stellar reputation.

Jessica Santos, Sales and Marketing Manager

Jessica is a highly accomplished Sales and Marketing Manager with a strong background in customer experience, sales, operations, and strategic marketing. With a formal education in sales and marketing, she rose through the ranks of a multinational company, achieving great success and multiple awards as a Key Account Sales Executive with a specialty in digital marketing and reseller opportunities. Jessica brings her attention to detail and international experience to the Foundry Michelangelo team, with a primary objective of connecting art lovers to the art they love.

Kandi Humphrey, Director of Charity Services

Mrs. Humphrey is an accomplished Sales Director with a deep commitment to philanthropy. Her unique blend of sales leadership and compassion creates a lasting impact, inspiring others to make a difference. Through fundraising, community engagement, and volunteering, Kandi uses her spare time to uplift the lives of those less fortunate. With a heart for giving and a drive for success, Kandi exemplifies the power of combining professional excellence with philanthropic endeavors. Mrs. Humphrey’s unwavering commitment brings a profound sense of purpose and social responsibility to our company, fostering a positive and compassionate work culture that extends beyond the office walls. Her ability to inspire and engage both colleagues and clients alike creates a powerful ripple effect of goodwill, enhancing our company’s reach and fostering stronger connections within the community we serve.

Valeriy Chumak, Multimedia Content Creation Manager

Mr. Chumak is a graduate of Cascadia Tech Academy with a focus on Multimedia Content Creation.
Val’s passion for film, photography, graphic design, and overall desire for creating content started when he was just 8 years old.
Editing his first videos and becoming the go to streaming and editing expert for friends and family before his tenth birthday.
Since childhood passions, Val has exercised hyper-focus on identifying the ideal position for his future which has led to a unique opportunity at Foundry Michelangelo. After seeking out Foundry Michelangelo and beginning the relationship as an intern, Mr. Chumak has become a core team member in the development of the company.
In a sophisticated modern society, Val provides a contemporary view into the extraordinarily unique business of Foundry Michelangelo.
With a bright future, both Val and the company are positioned to experience otherwise unprecedented success.

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