Treasure Investments Corp Turns Silver Into Gold


Treasure Investments Corp Turns Silver Into Gold

Mark Russo next to Lorenzo’s Gold Bull making its first appearance in Monterey at the Monterey Car Week

Lorenzo’s Gold Bull by Lorenzo Ghiglieri

Treasure Investments Corporation dba Foundry Michelangelo is creating and casting pure silver sculptures from the most famous artists in history. Foundry Michelangelo (FM) owns the molds to over 2,000 original sculptures representing over 230 artists that include Fredric Remington, Charles Russell, Bernini, Canova, Michelangelo, Rodin, Ghiglieri, and many others.

The images from the molds are diverse and cover a broad spectrum of subject matter, including biblical, cultural, mythological, western, wildlife, and range in sizes from just a few inches in size to over 50 feet in height. FM primarily casts work in bronze, but the demand for the silver work has been dramatically increasing.


The exclusive, limited-edition Presidential American Patriot Gold Edition and Mark Russo

Presidential American Patriot Gold Edition by Lorenzo Ghiglieri

In 2018, FM cast a masterpiece of an eagle By Lorenzo Ghiglieri entitled American Patriot in 1,000 troy ounces of pure .999 fine silver, made the piece a limited edition of only 10 and priced it at $200,000. 9 of the 10 have sold with a deal pending for the last one. “Our Silver pieces are stunning and are the talk of all the trade shows we attend.

We have many 1,000 troy ounce pure silver pieces that we sell, including our lion Sovereign Reign, bull and bear New Powerful Exchange, our elephant Noble Ruler and most recently, an incredible casting of the bust of the Pietà in pure silver by Michelangelo. “Looking at this piece in silver leaves you speechless,” says Mark Russo, founder of FM.

An attendee at the New Orleans Investment Conference approached the FM display booth and noticed the pure silver Michelangelo and asked what the price was. The pure silver Pietà bust is cast in .999 pure silver, contains 1,000 troy ounces, and priced at $195,000.00. Once informed of this, the attendee asked if he could send his silver to Foundry Michelangelo and have one cast. Russo replied, “we have our own silver but would certainly consider using the silver you can provide.”

Russo asked the attendee what he had paid for the silver, and his 1,000 troy ounces cost him around $17,000.00. Russo responded with, “send me your silver and let Foundry Michelangelo transpose it into a masterpiece by one of the most famous artists in history using our master mold and turn your silver into gold.” The client loved the concept and purchased the piece. Most silver owners that hold their silver themselves store it in a safe or hide it somewhere in their homes.

Mark’s idea is to offer customers and buyers of silver bullion to use the silver and cast it into a beautiful work of art and not only enjoy and see the piece but get the incredible monetary gain from the value of the art. The client, although he is paying a premium for the right to have the work cast using one of the limited editions for the Michelangelo, his base value of the silver went up 1100% since his 1,000 troy ounces is now a limited-edition Michelangelo.

FM is now allowing bullion buyers of both silver and pure gold to not just invest in the base metal, but to exponentially increase their investments by having us pour their precious metals into amazing sculptures designed by the most famous artists on earth.


About Treasure Investments Corporation dba Foundry Michelangelo:  

Treasure Investments Corporation dba Foundry Michelangelo, “The Source for the world’s greatest fine art masterpieces,” creates original sculptures from small desktop collectibles to larger-than-life heroic monuments that are cast in bronze, pure silver, gold, and resin. The company’s master mold collection contains over 2,000 original molds from world-famous artists, including Frederic Remington, C.M. Russell, Edgar Degas, Auguste Rodin, Ghiglieri and Michelangelo. For more information, visit


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